A historic walk through Kittsee

Old Castle (Burg): In the 12th century the castle was constructed under the Arpads to serve as a border fortification against Babenberg –Austria. It was originally one of the water-castles in the Danube tributaries. Destroyed by King Otto of Bohemia in 1271, it was subsequently rebuilt and was commercially important as it served as one of the toll stations for the Danube crossing to and from Bratislava. This latter fact led to regular changes of ownership. In 1945 the old castle was bombed resulting in the keep being destroyed. Today the old castle is privately owned.

The hospital
The Jewish cemetery (synagogue)
Joseph Joachim’s birthplace
Parish church
Castle gate: Winner of a first prize in the Paris world exhibition
Hauswirth chocolate factory (the largest chocolate banana factory in Europe). It is possible to visit the factory shop.

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