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The Kittsee Cultural Organisation KUKUK (from the German words for Art, Culture and Communication) exhibited seven camels on the occasion of Home Day, 29 June 1996 in Kittsee. It was George Scheibenbauer’s art concept to break up the cosy, harmonious ambience surrounding Home Day, in order to get people up to look at forging a new history and a new relationship which reflected the latest developments relating to the waves of migration.

The celebrations to mark the first original mention of the name Ostarrichi (Austria) 1000 years ago presented an opportunity to ponder this new reality regarding the waves of migration and to link it to Burgenland’s own related history. Burgenland is a region that has been variously dominated by the Germans, Austrians and Hungarians, passed through by Huns, Avars and Lombards, colonised by Swabians, and settled by Croatians. It was a part of the Roman province of Pannonia and as a part of the Avarian borderland it was constantly a transit land and a melting pot of many and varied cultures.

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